Know yourself, improve your relationships and become a more effective long-term leader!

The team leadership program for young professionals that uses remote coaching techniques!


Why should I develop a team leadership style?

Do you feel stuck in your career?
Are your personal and professional relationships confrontational?
Do you have a very directive leadership style?

Personal level

It will make me more balanced, more focused and more tolerant. It will give me inner peace and improve my long-term relationships.

Team level

I will accept diversity better, improving interactions with others and being a better leader. It will make me more ​integrative.

Company Level

I will improve ​delegation, I will take more advantage of the talent, and I will develop more participatory
and effective teams.


After ten years of research and two years of development, I am proud to offer you, in collaboration with professionals coaches from multiple cultures and languages, a substantial program of distance development in team leadership to the young leaders of today.

If you are looking for Distributed Leadership as a way to transform modern organisations into competitive and sustainable working places, and as a catalyst to develop talent and wellbeing of professionals, you should visit the Cooplexity model at

A transforming experience

A programme focused on the development of four capital skills:
intuitive decision making, social skills, achievement orientation and concern for quality.



You will discover your skills regarding the four pillars of team leadership.



You will start a journey of self-development, specific to your profile and preferences.



You will always be remotely supported by a personal coach with a weekly follow up.

The action plan

When you finish the programme, you will make an action plan with your coach to expand your learning.

Getting to know the style of other leaders.

Inclusive leadership is rooted in the idea of shared and distributed leadership for which we will need to recognise the styles of other leaders.

Knowing in-depth my team

The identification of the motivations of the members of my team and the recognition of their influence will allow me to understand their relational dynamics.

Are you a coach?

This program is delivered in different languages and, in its mixed version, in different geographical locations. If you are a certified coach and you want to participate, please fill in the following form.

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